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Star Trek fan fiction01 - Bases Loaded (word count ~ 7,000)As the Enterprise begins her voyage, Kirk tries to deal with the loneliness of being Captain. Luckily, hes got Spock to help.02 - Full Count (word count ~ 9,000)Still on Starbase 4, Spock tries to deal with the loneliness of losing Vulcan. Luckily, hes got Jim to help.03 - Swing Batter Batter (word count ~ 6,000)The adventures on Starbase 4 continue.04 - Inside The Park (word count ~ 6,000)Night is falling all around him, and with no source of energy to light the planet, it is quickly getting dark. But he can see that he just beyond the edges of what was once the human colony on the fourth planet of the Tarsus system.05 - Rounding Third (word count ~ 7,500)The adventures on Starbase 4 continue.06 - Sliding Into Home (word count ~ 8,000)Kirk and Spock deal with ghosts of past and present during their adventures in Starbase 4, where they learn they might just be exactly what each other needs.An audio version of the first four parts can be found at:

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